Bogen Visual Wisdom


prisen er inkl. moms

Den smukkeste bog om keramik. Bogen er på engelsk. Se beskrivelse nedenfor.

About the authors

Ragnhild Wik is an Art Ceramist. Her tools are her hands. her head and her heart. She balances the elements, shapes and rubs, burns and glazes. Her expression is raw, intuitive and quite unique. Her art is her way of vonceyeing importen values from our common cultural heritage – and the virtues of today-

Filippa Tredal is the photographer of the book, binding the tales togehter. She has captured the moments through her linse, created visual magic.

Marianne Vigtel Hølland is the author, designer and visual weaver of this book. She is the owner of Slow Design Studio and has selected elements from her huge treasure chest of materials from present and past in this bok. Twisting the photos, spinning on text, slowly weaving the book into one piece, that hopefully will help bringing ancient wisdom into the future. Since the founding of Slow Design Studio in 2015, Marianne has promoted a holistic and considered approach to design. Slow Design is not only about pace, it is also a mindset.